Friday, November 21, 2008

We prayed for rain....

and boy did it come!! For those of you who don't know, most of the state of Queensland has been in severe drought for many years, I live in the captial and our dam supplies got down to 16% at one stage. We have had some rain to boost supplies and then this week it all happened...

Sunday we had a severe electrical storm that caused huge amounts of damage to a suburb barely 30mins away. We thought it was over --- nope Wednesday the mother of all storms came through and dumped up to 200mm of rain in some places (the main dam got 75mm) - our roof leaked but that was all luckily. There was flooding everywhere, roads and rail lines were cut, yet more damage to already affected areas. Surely that was the end of it? Nope, last night down it came again, causing more flooding and destruction in various parts of the city. Thankfully the roof was fixed that afternoon and held, so no leaks, even with the hail that came down. I'm thankful it wasn't the size of the hail that hit Blackwater in central Queensland where it was reported that some were 7 inches across and the size of rockmelons! So today we breathe and say what else will happen. The forecast is for yet more storms tonight and tomorrow and rain next week!!!! Reminds me of a 1921 poem by PJ Hartigan "Said Hanrahan"........"...We'll all be rooned if this rain don't stop." Or perhaps the classic by Dorothea MacKellar written in 1904 My Country ..."Of droughts and flooding rains..." which reminds us that this wild weather has been around for centuries.

Here's hoping that the coming storms not as bad as they think, pray for us, we're probably going to need it!!!

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Jamie Martin said...

Wow, glad to hear you are finally getting rain but to bad it is coming all at once! Now that your roof is fixed sit back and enjoy :)


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