Sunday, October 14, 2012

Help Darsie!!

Help designer Darsie Bruno recover from a fire in her home

Do you have home owner insurance or renters insurance?  You need to!!  Even if you think you can't fit it in your budget this personal story will make you pick up the phone and call your insurance agent tomorrow morning!!

Design team member Darsie Bruno was awakened Tuesday morning by neighbors yelling that the duplex she lived in was on fire. The fire ignited in the other tenant's side of the duplex.


Darsie PictureWe are so thankful that Darise and her son were safely evacuated from her duplex and that no one was harmed. Firefighters had to go through her side of the duplex to put out the fire on the neighbors side of the duplex and they fought the fire from her craft room.  Of course her craft room was destroyed. Darsie actual had a price quote for renters insurance sitting on her desk.  She wishes that she filled out that form for renter's insurance and urges each of to get insurance if you don't have it. The fee is so small in comparison to having to replace all your belongings.

I can't imagine what Darsie is going through.  She is currently being assisted by the Red Cross, they have provided her with hotel lodging for three days and she is looking for a new place to live.  Many fellow designers, friends and blog readers have asked how we can all help Darsie.

The following companies -JustRite, SpellbindersQuietFire Designs , The Stamp Simply Ribbon Store and Splitcoast Stampers are working together on a fund raising campaign to help Darsie find a new home and put her life back together. Of course Darsie will need new craft supplies which we can all help with but what she needs most at the moment is donations so that replace the items in her house that have been damaged by smoke.

If you would like to help Darsie with a small contribution please click on the donate button below and you can make a donation directly into Darsie's paypal account.

Kellie Fortin spoke with Darsie earlier and she is overwelmed by the emotional support and prayers that have been sent her way.  Any donation no matter how small will help.

The outpouring of community support for Darsie has been a true blessing - you can read Darsie's post to all of you this morning here.  The friendships we make in this community are amazing and this week we have been truly blessed that Darsie was not harmed in the fire and that you have been here supporting her.

Darsie found a new place to live yesterday and is so relieved that she will soon be in a new home. Many of you have mentioned that you would like to send Darsie crafting supplies or cards.  If you would like to send Darsie something please contact Angela Barkhouse at and she will send you  Darsie's new address.  I prefer not to post Darsie's new address on the web. Thank you for all your love and support.

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Unknown said...

Darsie's story is so tragic. There by the Grace of God go we all. I have sent a little donation, I wish it could be more. As a community we PaperCraft lovers can do so much together to support Darsie by making donations and mentioning her and her son in our prayers. Thank heavens they are both safe.


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