Friday, January 29, 2010

RAKS and News....

I don't have any cards today (although I am working on a lot of stuff that you will see next week!!!  ;) ).  I do have a few RAK cards that I have been thrilled to receive and I do want to talk about something non-craft related which is exciting for me!!!

Let me start by saying I love to read, and my all time favourite series is The Wilderness Series by Sara Donati.  Many years ago I became part of the Wilderness Forum and met many fabulous girls and as part of this group and had the privilege of meeting and chatting to Rosina (aka Sara Donati).  One of my other passions is genealogy and since this series has a very detailed genealogy I set to working it all out, mostly for myself and then I shared it with Rosina and anyone else who was interested.

Today I was able to purchase the sixth (and final --- *sob*) book in the series and there in the back under the Author's Note was my name!!!!  I am truly humbled by this honour!!!!  Many, many thanks to Rosina, not just for the acknowledgment,  but also for the wonderful journey this story has taken me on!!!  Big hugs to my other friends also credited on the page as well, Judy, Robyn, Pam and Kenzie!!!  :)
If you haven't read the series, start with Into The Wilderness and read them in order with Dawn on a Distant Shore, Lake in the Clouds, Fire Along the Sky and Queen of Swords. 
Next I have these wonderful cards that have been sent to me!!!!  I am so bad, I received this from my wonderful, dear friend Chris (Glowbug) and although I phoned her to say thank-you, I didn't get it up on my blog to show it off sooner!!!  Blogger won't allow me to upload any more photos, but I'll be posting the inside at SCS so you can see the awesome detail inside!!
This beauty is from the divine Anne Ryan who sent this for my birthday but didn't expect the postal system to be so fast!!!  ;)  Isn't it just amazing with all that black embossing and white snow - not to mention the black pearls :) !!!!  
And last, but definitely not least, this beauty arrived from Vera at SCS who sent me this gorgeous card (and also didn't expect it to get here so quick!!!).  Such beautiful colours and I just love those Verve stamps she's used and all those yummy pearls - a girl after my own heart!!!  :)
I also just want to mention all my fabulous followers and subscribers, you make my day when leaving comments, subscribing or just stopping by, I am humbled by your support of my blog!!!  If you've manage to sit through all this to now, thanks so much and hope you've been inspired by the talented ladies who've sent these cards and if you love a good read - go get The Wilderness Series!!!

Kathy  :)


Marisa said...

What an interesting post :D Congrats on getting your name in print!! I'll have to check that series out as I love to read when I have time and am always looking for something new to put my nose into. Thanks for the names of the books.

I'm assuming your birthday is coming up since the cards came early. So, early Happy Birthday to you!! You can turn it into birthday weeks I guess LOL! Just had mine :D Down side of having a January birthday is you get all your pressies in a month (Christmas and January) and then have an eleven month drought LOL! Thank heaven's for Mother's Day :D Have a great day!

Anonymous said...

Kathy, Congrats on you Honorable Mention! Your work on the Wiki deserves it! I can't wait to get my copy, I hear I might get it for V-Day (yes, I would rather have a book than jewelry)!
And Happy early birhtday from me as well, hope you have a good one!
Marisa, be thankful yours is as far from Christmas as it is, mine is 10 days before Christmas, people always foreget mine in the pre-holiday rush, my son's is 4 days after, and I imagine he will have the same proble as he gets older.

Edna Morrisedie said...

Doesn't the cover look FABBO!! Aren't you glad you finally took my advice after years of hassling you to read Into the Wilderness... congrats on the mention!!

Chris Olsen, Glowbug said...

You are such a special friend dear Kathy.....I am so glad you got these precious are so deserving!! How fun to have your name in print!! What an honor!! I have not read these books but now I may just have to check them out!!


Amy Sheffer said...

What exciting news, Kathy! So fun!! And just look at how loved you are - gorgeous RAKs!

Laurie in MN said...

You are so forunate to be acknowledged in a book. The book will be in the Library of Congress and you have your name in print. I always thought a little part in a Disney movie would be neat but your name in print is even better.

Silke Ledlow said...

OMG - Kathy how sweet of her to mention your name...that is soooo cool!!! Congrats GF!!!

All three of your RAK cards are beautiful!!! Aren't you a lucky girl!!!

Have a great weekend!!!Hugs ~S~

Grace said...

Kathy what a special honor to be named in the tributes in this book!!! I know you will treasure that forever!!! I know she treasured all your hard work too! All your RAKS are just beautiful! How special and deserving you are!!! God bless!!!


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